About Us
iPRESIDIUM is a cyber security and risk advisory firm. We provide end-to-end enterprise security services for private and public entities of all sizes. iPRESIDIUM helps customers protect their business, employees, data, and their reputations. We succeed by offering our clients cutting edge technologies with best-in-class security solutions, experienced industry professionals proficient in cyber security and managed service platforms. Our goal, to deliver our clients’ the peace of mind they need so that they can focus on their business.
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  • Incident Response & Forensic Service
  • External PCI Pen Testing
  • HIPAA Vulnerability Assessment
  • SOX Vulnerability Assessment
  • Next Generation Endpoint Security
  • Vulnerability Control
  • Firewall Assurance
  • Network Assurance
  • Next Generation Anti-Virus
  • DeepSight Intelligence Services
  • Security Monitoring Service
  • Adversary Threat Intelligence Service
  • Cyber Readiness

WHAT we do

iPRESIDIUM® wants to earn the role as your trusted security advisor. Our firm of leading security experts will help define your cyber security strategy, identify risks, quickly remediate threats and select complete solutions that achieve operational readiness to protect from malicious attacks.


High integrity, unparalleled expertise
Certified engineers with 25+ years of security expertise
Deep industry knowledge of complex technologies and infrastructure
Defined business objectives tailored to our clients’ unique business needs

WHO we are

Our dedicated approach streamlines the overall client/provider experience and consolidates the various disciplines necessary to create a highly effective and efficient security program.

Since its inception in 2002, iP has successfully exceeded the security needs of numerous organizations, across the following sectors: Healthcare, Retail, Education, Government and Public Sector, Financial, Technology, Hospitality, Insurance, Transportation and Manufacturing as well as over 50 US federal agencies and the intelligence communities. Our highly skilled and certified security experts hold an average of 25+ years in the security and information technology industry.