Speed is Key, Helping SMB’s Win

Your adversaries are fast and getting faster, are you keeping up?  As cyber security professionals we intellectually comprehend that a breach is inevitable, that it’s no longer a question of IF but WHENwe will experience one, but do we really believe it?  Speed can make all the difference in protecting your organization from damage or even worse.  Staying ahead of the adversary requires vigilance and having solid processes in place.  Are you ready for an attack?

Enterprise has long understood this need and has been building up their arsenals with next generation tools, processes and the many resources needed to run them.  But simply because your business is not a Fortune 100 company doesn’t mean you can or should be less secure.  Small and medium businesses today are driving the global economy and as the enterprise quickly learned, they are very connected to their overall security through the very supply chain they rely upon.

Because of this, SMB’s are under the added pressure to meet evolving business and regulatory requirements.  Keeping up with these changes can be costly and challenging at best.   Adding to the complexity, a lack of experienced technical resources in the market place hasn’t done much to aid the SMB market.

So, what is an SMB to do?  You need SPEED.  The speed to scale, monitor and run your security the way it needs to be in today’s highly connected world.  The speed and efficacy to detect at the first signs of a breach.  The ability to monitor in real-time and act quickly with the latest intelligence available at your fingertips and the industry expertise and resources that can sale to remediate and protect your business.

Manages Security Service Providers are helping SMB’s achieve and exceed their security needs, by extending their security teams, expertise and response times.   Speed is indeed key and the quicker we can detect, contain and resolve cyber threats, the safer we all become.