Protecting against todays sophisticated and advanced threats such as zero-day attacks and ransomware require advanced protection and detection capabilities.  The rapid pace at which these kinds of threats are growing, is indeed surprising, according to Symantec’s ISTR report, we are now seeing a 35% growth in ransomware and a shocking 125% growth in zero-day attacks from the previous year, targeting new devices, individuals, and companies of all sizes.

Ransomware is now costing companies millions of dollars a month and Zero-Day attacks are not going away and it’s not just Windows Operating Systems that we need to worry about anymore, it’s also Macs, Linux and Virtual machines becoming major targets.

What can a company do to fight back?  You need to protect yourself before you become a victim.  Well maintained and well-patched systems are less likely to become infected, but that’s not enough, you need endpoint protection against advanced threats regardless of how those threats attack your endpoints.

You need next generation technologies, next generation anti-virus (NGAV) looks at end-point security in a new light, by examining every process on an endpoint to proactively detect and block any tools and tactics hackers use to break in. While traditional AV is focused on detecting malware at the endpoint alone, NGAV addresses a bigger range of modern threat scenarios including non-malware and ransomware attack scenarios. NGAV quickly analyzes and blocks rapidly-mutating malware and other unknown threats before they can execute to protect you across the attack chain, automate response, block advanced threats and stop the spread the infection.