When your security has been compromised, you need to react immediately. iPRESIDIUM’s in-house Active Response Team responds quickly to hacking attempts, minimizing your business losses.

Have You Been Targeted?

Targeted attacks, known as “advanced persistent threats” (APTs), are extremely effective and can compromise your data, your clients, and your reputation. If you are experiencing persistent attacks, iPRESIDIUM can help. It’s not too late to recover losses, repair damage and strengthen your cybersecurity.

  • Restore all operations as swiftly as possible
  • Reduce the risk and cost to the organization
  • Do so while moving silently, quickly and purposefully

iPRESIDIUM helps your business operate securely and efficiently. We provide the cybersecurity consulting, implementation, and monitoring services that keep businesses safe and running smoothly.

We Can Help

iPRESIDIUM’s engineers are highly experienced in identifying APT command-and-control communications responsible for attacks. Once we identify the communications, we focus on immediate containment. We eliminate the vulnerability and prevent it from further exposure, then take action to restore your systems.

iPRESIDIUM is Always Ready

iPRESIDIUM has experience with ransomware outbreaks, and remediation with malware and viruses. In the unfortunate case an organization needs to call our Incident Response services, we are ready.

Have you been targeted by a ransomware attack? iPRESIDIUM provides:

  • Experts working on your case
  • Custom-developed tools to address today’s advanced ransomware
  • Structured response workflows to rapidly identify and contain the attack
  • Ransomware analysis to identify breakable aspects, potentially avoiding ransom payments
  • Assistance in negotiating with criminal actors during late-stage attack campaigns