iPRESIDIUM offers our clients managed log monitoring, by keeping the log collection onsite with the client and sending only the alerts to our system.  By keeping the log collection process onsite, we eliminate the obvious bandwidth and latency issues that often affect remotely shipping logs.

For environments utilizing a virtual infrastructure (VMware or Hyper-V), iPRESIDIUM can quickly deploy the appropriate VM into your network and help configure the key devices/appliances to send your logs to.  Once configured, we go through a process of tweaking the alerts and the events which will be collected to help minimize storage requirements and processing overhead.

Secure remote access is then enabled for iPRESIDIUM engineers via (IPsec or SSL VPN) required to monitor our clients’ environment.  From this point, customer interaction is rarely required, unless the VM requires a system restart. 

Available coverage models include:  24/7 real-time alerts,  or real-time business hours  + on call after hours.

For more information on iPRESIDIUM’s log management service, give us a call.