Today’s advanced cyber adversaries are nation state sponsored, monetarily supported and possess an arsenal of intelligence to conduct the most sophisticated and advanced attacks.  Often times these attacks can remain unknown to an organization for weeks, months and even years. 

Knowing your adversary, their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) is a must in order to combat advanced persistent threats. Threat hunting requires superior skills and the proper threat intelligence to successfully hunt the adversary.  Solid intel helps detect breaches and anomalous behavior early in the attack life cycle. When you combine the both, you help identify recon and weaponization methods before a breach can occur, thus preventing an organization from potentially suffering hundreds of thousands, or worse, millions of dollars in damage.

Staying ahead of current attack trends can help an organization determine, how, when and where an attacker may strike.  Knowing your adversaries’ motives can help better protect your company from becoming the next victim.  iPRESIDIUM helps organizations make Threat Hunting an essential part of their security posture. 

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