Information growth is exploding at a rate of 62% per year. Data growth strains infrastructure & security in every imaginable way, and this will get exponentially worse over time. Protecting data regardless of where it resides is critical to business.
These trends will not diminish. Software and the data it creates will only get more pervasive in all of our lives.

Technology trends like mobile, cloud and big data are transforming the enterprise. The fastest growing trend among all is the Internet of Things (IoT) and the next wave of digitalization.

IoT is quickly developing and creating a barrage of new information to be stored and accessed online. This explosion of both structured and unstructured data is creating huge opportunities for business growth. Information is now disseminated across devices, platforms, public and private clouds. Along with these advances, this creates new challenges around security & privacy as well as information management and delivery.

Security is the building block for privacy and as such security is about protecting your information: secure communication, safely storing and controlling access to it — using technologies like Data Loss Prevention (DLP), encryption, and authentication.

Privacy is then a decision about who gets access to it – friends, companies, governments, etc. This information must be managed and protected and highly available and resilient and delivered when and where it’s needed. Ultimately, our goal is to enable our customers to be successful in this ever evolving and complex new world.