The Threat Landscape is increasingly getting worse. Attackers are constantly changing their tactics, they are moving faster and with laser like focus. Attacks are progressively more sophisticated and stopping them is becoming an arduous task. With over a million new threats released daily, IT Security teams are under tremendous pressure to stay abreast of these advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks.

Well publicized security breaches of 2015 hit such industries as entertainment, health-care, financial and the federal government. Although these headline-grabbing breaches are front and center of media reports, small and mid-size businesses were equally targeted in 2015 making up 60% of those attacks. Although these SMB’s may have IT departments they may not necessarily have IT security specialists or the cyber security intelligence to properly combat them.

In order to successfully combat these threats you need solutions that can provide real time threat intelligence and automated prioritized response so that your business can quickly predict, protect, detect and respond to advanced persistent threats within your environment.